Energy and Climate Change (EC)

Energy efficient appliances usage are replacing conventional appliances
Regarding electronic devices, Maejo University has implemented a policy that replaced low-efficient devices with high-efficient devices. For example, T8 light bulbs were changed to LED which saves more than 50% of power. Also, other electronic devices are guaranteed with Label No. 5 (most efficient in energy saving). In the present, other organizations visit Maejo University to observe the energy saving policy implementation.


Smart Building implementation
For the Smart building implementation, Maejo University has set up the sensor system to maximize the use of energy such as the automatic light sensor in the restroom which can reduce the use of electrical energy, the automatic door sensor system to reduce the use of energy for air condition system, and the automatic fire alarm system for safety. These smart sensor systems are set up in nearly all of the buildings in the university for energy saving and also for the other organizations to visit and to observe.

[2.3] Renewable energy on campus

Regarding renewable energy, Maejo University has installed and employs four types of renewable energy including biomass, solar power, wind power, and biodiesel. For biomass, the university has installed and produces electricity of 60 kW from 300 m3 biomass eletricity generator. In terms of solar power, the solar power station has been installed and produces eletricity for Office of the President, sports stadium, School of Renewable Energi, and Faculty of Economics. Moreover, 1300 m2 solar water heater has been used to provide hot water for student dormitories and International Education and Traininng Center. One windmill water pump with horizontal axis has been employed as a model for the community. Lastly, an average of 8,000 liters/year of biodiesel has been used instead of regular diesel. The total energy produced by the university is 974,414 kWh.

300 m3 biogas production producing 60 kW of electricity. Production capacity of 219,000 kWh/year.


Solar power station at Maejo University. 50 kW windmill pump Production capacity of 4,015 kWh/year.

50 kW windmill pump Production capacity of 4,015 kWh/year. 50 kW windmill pump Production capacity of 4,015 kWh/year.

Maejo University’s biodiesel vehicles consuming 8,000 litres/year. Maejo University’s biodiesel vehicles consuming 8,000 litres/year.

1300 m2 of solar water heater producing 66 m3 of hot water per day. Save energy for 2301 kWh/year.


[2.7] Greenhouse gas emission reductions program


Car free day activity is held annually with the great cooperation from every sector, especially from the administrators of the university. We also have the bicycles for the staffs to use inside the university in order to help reduce the air pollution.